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8mm, Super 8mm Frame By Frame Reel Transfer

8mm, Super 8mm Frame By Frame Reel Transfer.


Reel Transfer Details

Now get free Color Correction with every Frame by Frame order!

Color Correction Sample

Before After

Click on the picture to view a larger sample.

Note: Color Correction may not work on all film. Example: Color Correction cannot correct severely discolored film.

Our Cleaning and Transfer Process:


Each film will be cleaned by hand using FilmGuard cleaning and lubrication solution. FilmGuard is used in movie theaters all over the world.

Fame by Frame Transfer:

We utilize a 3CCD professional ultra high quality imagery capture along with MovieStuff's Workprinter XP technology to produce ultra high quality frame by frame film transfers. The WorkPrinter XP produces a clean, clear, crisp, 100% frame accurate, full frame and absolutely flicker free transfer, rivaling the industry standard Rank systems. And don't worry, the WorkPrinter XP uses a sprocket-less film feeding system so you don't need to worry about damage to your movies!

Take a look at our demo!

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Footage and Time Calculator

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$39 Base Fee +
$10 Per 50' Reel
$15 Per 100' Reel
$20 Per 200' Reel
$30 Per 300' Reel
$40 Per 400' Reel

Not sure what size reels you have?
Click here to determine the size and footage of your reels.

$39 base fee includes:

  • DVD Menu Authoring
  • DVD Media
  • Custom DVD Label Design
  • DVD Case
  • Custom DVD Case Label Design
  • Digital Video format Conversion to DVD
  • Chapter Marks (chapter every 10 minutes)
  • FilmGuard Cleaning & Lubrication
  • Color Correction

Options & Enhancements

  • Additional Reel to DVD Copies
  • Slideshow up to 50 scanned/digital photos (red eye & dust removal)
  • Add Generic music (5.1 Surround Sound)
  • Basic Editing (remove blank spaces)
  • Add title(s) to reel(s)
  • Create a Master DVD.
    *This is useful for determining the desired order of the reels in the final DVD project, when your reels are not titled and you have no way of viewing them in advance. The cost is $30 for the master disc + $6 for shipping. Or, just $30 if the Master DVD will be picked up by the customer.

    Click here for further details.

See our Transfer Quality page.

Click on the scrolling menus to view our DVD Menu Themes.

Number of 50' reels:
Number of 100' reels:
Number of 200' reels:
Number of 300' reels:
Number of 400' reels:
DVD Menu Themes:
DVD Title:
Basic Editing (remove poorly visible footage and blank spaces):
Add Reel Title(s):
List Reel Title(s):
Special Instructions:
* Create DVD Master Disc:
Additional 8mm Reel to DVD Copy:
Can you play DVD-R DL (Dual Layer) discs?:

List Price: $49.00
Price: $39.00

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