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Master DVD Process



This is useful for determining the desired order of the movie reels in the final DVD project when your reels are not titled and you have no way of viewing them in advance.


Reel Conversions will create an identifying title before each movie reel footage that says REEL #1, REEL #2, etc., as shown in this diagram. 

After the Master DVD has been shipped back to the customer, the customer would contact Reel Conversions with the movie reel footage order desired for the final DVD project. Example: The customer may decide to have REEL #3, REEL #5, REEL #2 etc as the order of the final DVD project. (The customer keeps the Master DVD.)

Note: The "identifying titles" will NOT be included in the final DVD project.


The price is $30 for the Master DVD + $6 for shipping.


Just $30 when shipping is not required.  If you are close enough to the Reel Conversions South Plainfield NJ location, the Master DVD can be picked up by the customer.  (When the Master DVD is ready the customer will be contacted and arrangements will be made for pickup.)
















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