"Making those special memories last forever..."

Our Mission

At Reel Conversions we understand what those special memories mean to you because we have our own special memories given to us by God, that we never want to forget or allow to fade away.  The special memories that you were blessed to be a part of when your son or daughter took their first steps, or when your son or daughter played that first little league game, or that family reunion when you got to see members of your family that you hadn't seen in several years. Yes, these are the special memories that God has blessed us with and we should do all that is possible to preserve them.  We often attempt to prolong these memories by recording them with a camcorder and/or taking pictures.  These are wonderful first steps but should not be the only steps.  Unfortunately, over time those pictures and videos begin to get old and fade.  The videos will most definitely degrade and become discolored until they ultimately cannot be watched any longer and the pictures may become discolored and worn out.  These memories are too precious to allow this to happen!  That's why we at Reel Conversions are dedicated to "Making those special memories last forever..." by converting your home videos and still pictures to DVD for you!

Why convert your home videos and still pictures to DVD?

 Your home videos don't last forever, even if they're simply stored away and not played.  Images and sound on videos deteriorate over time due to stray magnetic fields, plus wear and tear from playing. Even changes in temperature and humidity can cause physical damage. Your irreplaceable videos can become unplayable in 10-15 years.  Although still pictures last longer than videos, they too deteriorate, become discolored, torn and brittle.

DVDs, on the other hand, have a lifespan far greater than videos.  And because the video is stored digitally on a DVD it can be reproduced without a loss of quality in sound or image. By converting your videos and still pictures to DVD, you can preserve them for yourself and future generations!

Unlike a videotape where you have to fast forward and/or rewind to find that scene you are looking for; video on DVD can be indexed into chapters, much like a book.   This provides you with a menu, allowing you to jump directly to a scene you would like to view.

DVDs are also much more convenient to view.  No more hooking up that camcorder to your TV to watch your home videos!  No longer will you be denied the joy of watching your children in their toddler years because your camcorder is broken and you have no other means to watching them!  Gone are the days when you couldn't watch those old 8mm reels of your childhood because you don't have a projector to watch them!


Don't allow these and other video woes to discourage you.  Don't let those special memories fade away. 


Allow us to help you preserve your memories today;  because we at Reel Conversions are...


"Making those special memories last forever..."

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